Ear Lobe Ageing Treatment

Earlobe filler
Earlobe filler

What is the Ear Lobe?

Ear Lobe is the soft, fleshy lower part of the Ear.

What happens to the ear with ageing?

A youthful ear lobe is plump and full of volume. As we go in time, the age related volume loss causes the Ear lobe to become shrunken, deflated and saggy.

Ear Rings and heavy ear jewellery looks beautiful, but over an extended period make can the ear lobes go pendulous.

Why does the ear lobe age more than the rest of the ear?

The ear lobe is just a small extension of the ear. This is the only part of the ear with soft tissue. The rest of the ear is cartilage that does not loose volume. So as we go in time the ear lobe starts becoming dis-connected in shape and structure from the main ear. 

How do we treat ear ageing?

A simple volumising treatment in the ear lobes with soft tissue filler can rejuvenate this part beautifully. It is a simple procedure that involves a few strategically placed filler injections. 

Face Design

Here at The Manse clinic, we approach the face as a whole. It is delightful to see the satisfaction of patients once they have their earlobes treated. Some patients inform that they have been conscious about their ear lobes for years now. They were not aware that a simple procedure could help them get the plump back in the ear. They usually have been hiding the earlobe with their hair style or have not been able to wear ear jewellery that needs a good support. 

Risks with ear lobe filling

Just like any filler treatment, the treatment does come with a few risks factors and the patient needs a consultation with our practitioner to discuss the risks.

How many treatments are required

The Ear Lobe may need several sessions monthly to get to its peak aesthetic outcome and would need a maintenance treatment once every 1-2 years based on individual circumstances. ‘

Pricing of ear lobe filler

For detail pricing on ear Lobe Filler, please visit our Pricing page