We advise that patients should first consider going to their previous doctor if they want hyalase, but if they decide against this, our clinic does offer hyalase injections to dissolve other injectors work.

We also offer other corrective work to address other injectors’ work

HYALASE: Here one of @themanseclinic doctors is injecting hyalase to dissolve a lump of dermal filler in a tear trough. This procedure is very effective, but does come with risks. There are 2 situations where we use hyalase. 1: In an emergency situation with a vascular occlusion (where the filler is blocking a blood vessel). Or 2. When there is an aesthetic issue with the filler, that cannot be resolved using other safer methods like massage or manual removal. The rare but most important risk associated with hyalase, is anaphylaxis (severe allergy). I have not personally seen this in my career, but I have heard of colleagues who have had this rare complication happen to their patients. There is a protocol for anaphylaxis treatment, which the doctor must follow, including administering adrenaline and calling an ambulance to transport the patient to a hospital setting. At our clinic, our doctors perform a lot of revision work, including dissolving and refilling, or sometimes just rebuilding around the area without dissolving. Cost of hyalase: $650 per treatment. Usually 1-3 treatments are required to smooth out the area #botched #dermalfillerlumps #filler #dermalfillers #hyalase #hyaluronidase #teartrough #teartroughfillers #injectables

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Patient examples of corrective work

After corrective lip work by The Manse



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