Time for a little skin refresh? Looking to restore youthful volume? Or accentuate your natural beauty? Revitalise and re-shape your face with Dermal Fillers!

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Dermal fillers are a substance injected below the surface of the skin to enhance appearance and treat aging. This is right for you if you value your appearance, and you want to enhance your features to reveal the most beautiful version of yourself!

The key benefits of dermal fillers

  • Enhances your features – adding volume, filling in lines and creating contour
  • Plump and smooth skin creates a more youthful appearance
  • An efficient and affordable alternative to plastic surgery
  • Immediate and noticeable results with relatively no recovery down-time!
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Some people are born with great lips, but for those of us who aren’t, thankfully there’s filler! Shape and add volume to your lips with the artistic placement of lip fillers, to achieve perfectly plumped lips

– Minimum cost $750


One of the ultimate markers of beauty is high and defined cheekbones. With filler, it’s possible to augment and contour the cheeks non-surgically, to create volume and enhance youthfulness

– Minimum cost $750


The condition of the under-eye area is one of the tell-tale signs of aging and exhaustion. But dark circles, shadows and hollowing of the face can be reversed with the use of dermal filler

– Minimum cost $750

Why the Manse?

The Manse is your go-to destination for luxury cosmetic treatments. Located in the heart of Sydney, we offer a discreet and premium service for your personalised needs. We’re different from your average clinic as rather than having an injecting nurse supported by an offsite doctor via Skype, we have a team of 7 doctors – all of whom have a wealth of experience and are highly trained. So you can relax knowing your face is in good hands!

Dermal fillers may be injected via a regular syringe with a needle, a cannula (which is like a needle with a blunt end).
Dermal fillers are administered by a qualified doctor at The Manse Clinic. You may feel some discomfort, but this can be minimised using local anaesthetic or topical creams prior to the procedure.
Most patients experience mild swelling, tenderness, itching or bruising post-treatment. These are normal results and generally disappear after a few days. Proper after-care helps to minimise these effects.
Dermal fillers of different types have different levels of longevity. Typically, they last anywhere between 9 months and up to 2 years.

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Offer Terms & Conditions: Must have all 4mls on the same day. Package may not be split between people. Not including nose filler. brow filler, eyelid filler or forehead filler treatments. Not transferable to another patient or another day. No splitting packages with another person. There are no guarantees about your suitability for procedure and doctors reserve the right to refuse patient treatment. There are no refunds even if you are unsuitable for part or all of your package. The Manse clinic reserves the right to end the sale or offer at any time without prior notification or advertisement. Payment for package will be made prior to treatment. Please also refer to website for all clinic T and Cs. No refunds. Corrections at cost to patient. Results will vary from patient to patient. Cancellations 24 hours or less incur a $350 fee

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