Dermal Fillers for Beauty in a 30 something

Before and after multiple mls dermal filler in a 30 something to make her more beautiful

Here is a 30-something who had multiple syringes of dermal filler to increase her beauty and youthfulness.

This patient demonstrates the fact that results with dermal filler are all about the assessment.

What is your doctor going to do with your canvas?

In this patient I injected the following areas with dermal filler:

The cheeks and tear troughs

Adding volume to this patient’s cheeks and tear troughs made her look younger, more beautiful and less tired

The nose

I injected the nose bridge area to straighten the profile of the nose and improve the nasofrontal angle. This needs just a little more product

I injected the columella to make the nose appear more upgoing at the tip

I injected the nose tip to make the nose tip appear more upgoing and to improve the line of the nose.

The lips

I have injected the lips to give more height and projection to the upper lip, and more overall volume. This patient likes a more enhanced, plastic positive lip result, so we actually added more after these photos were taken.

The chin and marionettes

I injected about 1ml of dermal filler into the chin to create more projection. At the patient’s review, I added even more, so may post updated photos when they are available.

With dermal filler, assessment is everything

There is a patient behaviour spectrum with  2 extremes:

1. Those who are not interested in the professional’s opinion, they have their own aesthetic and want no input from the doctor, the doctor is their brainless paintbrush.

2. Those who trust the doctor to give them the best results. They want the doctor to be the artist, the brain as well as the brush.

Patients in both of these camps mightn’t get the best outcomes for the following reasons:

For those patients who are the directors and are very fixed/obsessed with their own ideas, they might be too rigid and actually not have a clue about the treatments they are focused on with regards to success and results, Also, sometimes these patients are missing a big gaping piece of ugliness on their face that would really do the trick if improved. Often they are requesting treatment of issues that will not make them look younger or more beautiful.  These patients should give an opinion other than theirs a go, and have a think about the suggestions given to them by a professional.

To those at the other end of the spectrum, who leave the cosmetic decisions solely in the hands of the professionals, these patients just need to be 100% sure that they can trust their injector. They need to make sure their doctor has an excellent eye for flaws and beauty and that they share with their doctor the same aesthetic.

When I’m treating a patient, I always like to get to know more about them. Their dreams, their desires and their day to day life. This gives me so many clues to their sense of aesthetics, and also their aims and practical things like their tolerance for swelling and bruising. I will look at so many clues about them as they walk in. Their hair, clothes, accessories etc. This tells me so much about their aesthetic taste. If I want more information, I will ask them which celebrity’s lips they like to give me a deeper understanding.  In this case, I asked the patient and she said that she liked Lana Del Rey’s lips. This simple answer gives me such a great and physically concrete (i.e. not just words) guide. Lana’s enhanced lips have quite significant projection in the upper lip, so this patient is obviously not scared of an enhanced-looking lip, in fact, she prefers it.

If I personally think that what I am going to do is going to make someone more ugly, I will tell them, but at the end of the day, it’s the patient who has to be happy with their reflection.