Dermal Fillers for “Flower Lips”

flower lips dermal filler asian face
Flower lips, with a tubercle in the central upper lip and 2 on the pillows of the lower lip

What are “Flower Lips” and how do we create them with dermal fillers?

Here I will interview one of the doctors at The Manse Clinic about the “flower lips” phenomenon. The Flower Lips concept started in the asian community, but like many other popular treatments from the asian community, we expect that over time it may spread to the western patient population.

“Flower lips” is our first post on this site in a series of  injectable treatment strategies in the asian face.

What are Flower lips?

Anatomically speaking, flower lips consist of a prominent median tubercle to the upper lip and prominent 2 lateral tubercles on lower lip, so they looks like petals on flowers. Also double M lines to upper lip from cupid’s bow and shape created by median tubercle

Where do you think the concept originated?

Flower lips probably started with attractive looking celebrities, and the fact that patients want to enhance their lips without too much volume

What is the best way to inject to achieve flower lips?

Flower lips are achieved by injecting small amounts of filler to the centre of the upper lips and to 2 lateral tubercles (or pillows) to lower lips.

Do you love this lip filler aesthetic?

I find that it looks attractive and interesting if not too exaggerrated

What is the difference between the lips that are popular for Chinese patients compared to lips that are popular for caucasians?

Chinese or  asians in general, like nice shaped lips with attention to details  without too much volume. they like to be perceived as delicate, youthful and pure. Caucasians like voluminous lips, everted and full upper lips as attractiveness/sexy.

Is there a crossover? Something that Chinese and Caucasians like with lip fillers?

Yes, clear border, cupids bow, smooth, wrinkle free and kissable

Have you performed a lot of “flower lip” treatments? Are they popular?

This lip fillers treatment is very popular amongst asian girls.

Is the flower lip procedure easy to perform for an injector?

They are in general easier to perform because the injector doesn’t need to fill the whole lip, and there is less chance of asymmetry or lumpiness because the idea is to create 3 lumps 🙂 Some girls blessed with nice voluminous lips may only ask for this to redefine their lips to make it more interesting and delicate looking.

At  what age do Chinese women first start to request this filler technique?

from 18 and above

Thankyou, for our interview

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Flower lips, with a tubercle in the central upper lip and 2 on the pillows of the lower lip

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