Dermal Filler in Lips Patient Diary

This week, one of my sweet patients, Miss S, is my guest blogger. She is writing a post about her first experience with dermal filler in lips.

My Dermal Filler Lip Diary (by Miss S)

I had always looked at pictures of beautiful lips and decided once and for all to do something about it. Instead of going “I wish I had those lips”,  I picked up the phone and made an appointment!

Preparing for lip injections

Firstly I have had PRP before, so I knew first hand of the nasty bruising that could occur. I figured out what works best for me to prevent it. This is what I do: 7-10 days before injections

  1. Stop taking any vitamins – not going to go through the list just stop them all!
  2. Do not take any Nurofen or Aspirin products
  3. Do not use any cream that contains Vitamin E
  4. Start taking both Arnica and Bromelain everyday leading up to appointment

Straight after injections

  1. I also take Sinecch, which is four high doses of Arnica straight after the injections and every six hours after that.
  2. ICE – apply ice or a cold pack for 24 hours after – it really helps.

During the Treatment

Trust your injector, they have done this lots of times before and know what looks best.

Before dermal filler lips
Straight after: It is a really weird sensation of filler going into the lips
Later that night: Some asymmetry
2 days after dermal filler lips
One week after dermal filler lips

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