Dermal Filler in Lips for a Girl in Early Twenties

This gorgeous early twenties patient came to me for dermal filler in her lips. She had wanted her lips done since her teenage years.

She wanted a bigger upper lip, but still as natural-looking as possible.

She is a very stunning girl with impeccable grooming. She’s pretty typical of the twenty somethings who present for cosmetic treatments. To them, it’s all about the details. They want to rely less on makeup and have the real thing ready to go in every selfie that they take……

We injected 1ml of dermal filler to her lips 0.7mls to upper and 0.4mls to lower lip.

She was really happy with the results, as was I. Next time I would suggest working a little more on the lower lip if the patient is keen on that idea, but at the moment, she is really happy with the proportion.

We had one little hiccup.  She had a small lump in the body of the upper lip. It was difficult to see, but very easy to feel, and just too obvious to leave to wait until it resolved itself. Unfortunately (or fortunately, really) you can’t see it on the photos.  The patient came back for a review 4 weeks after the treatment (which is always the time that I suggest for reviewing final results). I gave the lump a strong massage and it resolved on the spot.

before and after dermal filler fake look to lips upper lip bigger
before and after lips dermal filler restylane perlane twenties
before and after lips fake look profile

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