Dermal Filler for the Male Lip

The majority of men want an undetectable result with dermal filler. Particularly in the lip.

Here is a great case of a handsome young guy who came in to get his lips done.

We decided to go easy and do 0.5mls the first time and then follow up with another 0.5mls in a month.

He had interesting lips in that the upper lip needed more projection to make the area appear more beautiful. He also needed a little extra height in his upper lip.

In this treatment we also opened out his outer lip area.

Here is his before photo, prior to treatment

Before dermal filler lips. NB lack of projection in upper lip
dermal filler male lip before and after

Here are the man’s lips after treatment with 0.5mls of dermal filler. The filler is undetectable as planned. The lips look completely natural. We did inject another 0.5mls after this photo. Will post photos when available

After 0.5mls dermal filler to a male’s lip

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