Dermal Filler for Nose Bridge FAQs

Before and after dermal filler nose bridge

Dermal filler for nose bridge is a very popular treatment at our Sydney clinic. Many patients dislike their flat nose bridge, which they believe is too low. Dermal filler is able to lift this, to create a higher nose bridge.

“A millimetre defect on the face equals a kilometre in the soul”… Small changes bring much pleasure to cosmetic patients. As much as I often don’t care to lift  the nose bridge from an aesthetic point of view (I have a personal belief that there is quite a range of nose bridge heights which are beautiful), the positive impact that it has on patients’ lives makes it a satisfying procedure.


Nose Bridge Lifting with Dermal Filler FAQ


1. What is Nose Bridge Lifting with Dermal Filler?

Asians and Africans and others who have a more depressed nose bridge, don’t like this feature and want to improve it.

There are 2 main options for treatment. The first is a surgical treatment, the second less invasive option is injection with a gel-like substance under the skin, called a dermal filler. This will lift the nose bridge to create a nose with a more appealing shape.


2. What is the process for dermal filler in nose?

The patient comes to the cosmetic clinic for assessment, and photos are taken and there is a discussion about aesthetics and pros and cons of the procedure. The patient reads and signs a consent form.

The skin is then cleaned with chlorhexidine.

A needle of a cannula may be used to insert the dermal filler.

As we are injecting, I prefer to show patients the results intermittently so that I can get their opinion on the level of lifting that they require. We use a mirror for this and also I take photos that we assess.


3. What are the risks?

The risks range from the very common and temporary, including bruising and swelling, to the catastrophic, which includes blindness and necrosis.

A temporary dermal filler that can be dissolved with hyaluronidase/hyalase is the safest option in the nose, as if impending necrosis (blocking of a blood vessel to the skin) occurs, then the filler may be dissolved immediately and the skin may be able to be saved.

Infection is also a possibility whenever the skin is broken (by a needle in this case), but this is an uncommon side effect.

There have been approximately 100 cases in the world of blindness associate with dermal filler injection. The nose bridge is a higher risk site. There have been over 20 million syringes of the most popular brand of dermal filler used so far, so the risk is very low.

Another “risk” although it could be a planned one, is that more than 1 treatment might be required to achieve the desired result.

Like rhinoplasties, there is a risk of asymmetry and of spider veins on the nose.


4. Is it painful?

Nose bridge injecting is not very painful, however, other areas of the nose like nose tip and columella injecting can be very painful. Topical anaesthetic creams like LMX or EMLA may be used 45 minutes beforehand to reduce the pain of the needles. Happy gas is also an option. The dermal filler has local anaesthetic in it, so as the procedure progresses, it tends to become less painful.


5. How is the satisfaction rate?

Given that the patient can look at the results mid procedure and have input into the level of lift and shape, then the satisfaction rate is high, as expectations can be met, if they are not reached, then the doctor can reinject immediately or at a second treatment session.

The longevity of dermal filler in the nose is  excellent.


6. How long does the filler last?

Typically the patient should plan to have treatment today, 6 months, then 6 months then yearly. This answer is for our most frequently used product


7. What is the Cost?

The cost per treatment is $620-$720 depending on product used. 1-3 treatments will be required.


8. Is it only for Asian patients?

No, it can be used for anyone who feels that there nose bridge is too low. It can also be used to disguise a bump in the nose below the bridge


9. How to find the best doctor for nose bridge injections

Online research will be helpful, check the doctor’s credentials, look at the doctor’s before and after photos.

See my guide to finding the best cosmetic injector

Help the doctor by taking in photos of noses that you like


10. Can other areas of the nose be injected?

Yes. Definitely, many patients also like to have their nose tip worked on.


If we have missed out on any important FAQs, please ask in the comments section below

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