Dermal Filler for Jawline

Dermal filler can be used in the jawline to create a more angular, square and defined angle of the jaw. We specialise in this procedure at our clinic bear Sydney’s CBD.

Case Study Dermal Filler for Jawline

This patient wanted to create a more angular jawline! She wasn’t thrilled by her softer shaped jawline (although she is very aware that many people consider her natural jawline beautiful). She wanted to create a sharper and more angular look, which see sees as more exotic and attractive.

We injected dermal filler into her jawline, creating a very square look at the angel of her mandible.

I love patients who have a clear vision for their aesthetic aims.

We were modelling this jawline on the jawline of the actress Jacqueline Macinnes-Wood.

We also injected dermal filler into the patient’s marionette folds, mental crease, cheeks and lips.

Dermal Filler Jawline FAQ

  • Who is suitable for the procedure?

Those who would like a more defined and square jawline

  • Is the procedure painful?

Injections around the angle of the mandible are not too painful. Numbing cream and happy gas may be used

  • What is the cost of the procedure?

This depends on how much product is used. Premium product is $720 per ml. When available, patient will often choose the 4 ml packages, which are from $1900.

  • Is the procedure safe?

There are typical complications like bruising and swelling, which happen commonly. There is an artery near the front of the masseter muscle which is a big issue when injecting this area, and the reason it should not be performed by amateurs. There is a risk of hitting that artery and causing blockage, which could lead to skin necrosis. The risk is very small but only those with sufficient training should be performing this procedure. Another uncommon risk would be dermal filler infection. Another risk, which is injector dependant, is aesthetic. some injectors have an eye for this and others don’t. Make sure you share an aesthetic vision with your injector.

  • How many sessions do I need?

This depends on how many syringes are used per session. Always look at it like you are going to have a couple of sessions to get to the aimed for result. The doctor is sculpting your face, give them a chance to perfect it.

  • How long does the procedure last?

What I suggest to patients, is to have the procedure, review it in 1 month. If at that month you are happy, then have the procedure again at 6 months, then 6 months, then once per year. If you are not happy (ie you want more to achieve the desired result) then have treatment again at any time from 1-4 months, and keep on growing it until you’re happy. Maintenance once it is established at the level that you want is once per year.

  • What is the downtime?

Because of the area that it’s in, the downtime is minimal. There may be swelling and bruising, but it doesn’t look too bad in this area. Also, sometimes you can feel “sausages” of product in this are in the early stages (the first few weeks) but these resolve without treatment, and the product will integrate into the tissue.

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