Dermal filler for Cupid’s Bow

cupid's bow dermal fillers
Cupid’s Bow definition with dermal fillers

Cupid’s Bow

The Cupids bow is the area of the upper lip between the peaks of the pink lip. It is an area that people feel strongly about when having dermal fillers.

With dermal filler injecting for lips, technique depends on the goals of the patient. some of the goals injectors have to explore with patient include the following:

  • size
  • shape
  • proportion
  • fake/natural
  • projection
  • Cupid’s bow shape

How do you like your Cupid’s bow!

Some like it peaked some like it flat. What’s your preference? We often find that people like the opposite of what they have naturally. Just like those with curly hair want straight, and those with straight hair want curly.

Some patients when asked about their Cupid’s bow, say “whatever will make my lips look bigger” or “whatever will make my lips look natural.

Here is a case below where the patient wanted to create a very peaked Cupid’s bow, so our Manse Clinic doctor injected at the peaks to enhance them

If you would like to see you whole treatment session, I will share below

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