Decolletage Skin Treatment Case Study

Decolletage Case Study

Before and after decolletage skin treatment
Before and after decolletage skin treatment

There are many options for decolletage skin treatment.

We recommend energy based devices treatments in clinic, at home devices and also skincare.

Options for Decolletage Treatment

The options for treatment include the following:

  • Fractional Laser
  • RF microneedling
  • IPL / BBL
  • LED
  • Skinbooster
  • Biostimulator
  • Bioremodeller
  • Skincare

Decolletage Case Study

This patient had some freckling and sun damage/pigmentation  on the chest and also ageing texture.

We performed 1 treatment of BBL, an IPL-type  skincare device. 

Above are the results of 1 treatment, however we would suggest a series of 2-5 treatments for the decolletage.

The procedure is suitable for lighter skin tones and  takes about 30 minutes.

The healing phase takes up to 2 weeks, where the pigmentation may go darker and then crumble away. We also use this device on the face for sun damage and freckling improvement.

The Healing phase

Decolletage skin treatment healing
Decolletage skin treatment healing

Post-Treatment Care after Decolletage IPL

Skincare during the healing phase of treatment:

Care Factor once daily

BDE LED mask 3 x weekly for 10 minutes

Skincare for the decolletage before and from 2 weeks after

Let it B

Plump Fiction Moisturiser

BDE LED mask 3 x weekly for 10 minutes

Homecare Recommended for Looking after the Decolletage

Homecare recommended for caring for the decolletage.

Hit the Dec Face, Neck and Dec Treatment Cream

BDE LED mask

BDE LED decolletage mask
BDE LED neck and decolletage mask

The LED decolletage mask is ideal for healing after treatments.

BDE is the latest innovation in non-invasive treatment to target specific neck and decolletage skin concerns by transmitting concentrated wavelengths of light into the skin, helping you to achieve your skin goals faster and without downtime or pain.

BDE is specifically designed to perfectly contour the neck and decolletage (it can also be used 4 different ways to treat your neck, decolletage and shoulders). This high-tech device addresses premature skin ageing by promoting the production of new collagen, increasing skin resilience and promoting healthier, smoother, plumper and of course – brighter skin, in as little as 10 minutes.