Cookie’s Eyebrows

OBSESSED with Empire.

I LOVE everyone’s favourite character, Cookie.

I dig even more her commitment to the OTT,  including her  glamourised, spocked-out injectable look, which goes perfectly with the triple leopard she regularly rocks.

Most patients have a whinge when I (not on purpose of course) give them Cookie-level spocking*, but there she is, repping for the overarched, high lateral brow lovers out there.

As I always say: You are your own arbiter of beauty….

Now don’t even get me started on the mistress and wife’s overly projected upper lips on “The Affair”. I am fascinated by this phenomenon (maybe I’ll write a post about it!)

Bring on Season 2 of Empire. Irresistible

Cookie’s Eyebrows


Spocking is where the muscle above the outside of the brows are undertreated with injections for the lines of the forehead,  so that when the patient lifts their eyebrows, only the outer portion moves. Sometimes even at rest the outer brows are unnaturally raised compared with the inner brows.

Spocking is of course named after Dr Spock.

It  has many names, patients are always creating new ones for the strange appearance that they get when this happens:

” I look like the Devil”

“The Mephistopheles”

“The Diablo”

” The Jack Nicholson Brows”

Although some patients aim for this look, mostly it occurs because the doctor is being careful to avoid a brow droop, and the danger zone for brow droop is that area just above the outside brows. The good news is that if the patient doesn’t like it (some do, some don’t), it is super easy to fix. Two small injections in the affected area will do the trick.


Cookie is outdone by Janet on Real Housewives Of Melbourne

Just when I thought Cookie was the limit, an Aussie comes to the forehead injection-party, and makes a play for the throne.

Go Janet, you are my husband’s favourite on the show.

I used to be all #teamgina,  but Janet honey, you are growing on me. It could be the Gamble impersonations and the sh*t-stirring.

ps To RHO  producers, hurry up and get a Real Housewives of Sydney happening. Pretty please

Janet Outspocks Cookie


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