Can Lip Filler Look Natural?

Before and after subtle lip fillers
Before and after subtle lip fillers


There is a quick answer to the question, “Can Lip Filler Look Natural” and it is YES!

Natural-looking lip filler is the hottest trend right now,

The latest trend in lip filler right now is having naturally plump looking lips. Patients of all ages are requesting to not look overfilled, however they still want their lips to be slightly noticeable to themselves and others. 

Our clinic is finding that many patients are even dissolving their overfilled lips after years of filling them in to the size they desire just to start again and give their lips a natural new aesthetic.

How can my injector create a natural looking lip?

There are various ways an injector can create a natural look for your lips!

Firstly, it is important to be clear with your clinician in the consultation what look you are after and the desired result outcome you seek so they are able to distinguish the type of filler and technique they will use on you. Ultimately, from this information the experienced clinician will choose the right dermal filler for you based on your preferred outcomes. Usually a soft to medium filler is most suitable for this as it will hydrate, plump and define the lips subtly without it looking “fake”.

At the Manse making the lips look natural can be achieved with the aesthetic eye of the clinician and the right technique/s. Usually when filling in the lips it is important that the perioral area (around the mouth) of the face is also considered to compliment the new natural looking lips. This can be achieved with soft filler to smooth out the lines around the lips, keeping the mouth area appearing more youthful. A heightened defined cupid’s bow is great for naturally looking lips as it will give the lips a more youthful and slightly poutier visual in the top lip. Maintaining the vermillion border by applying minimal filler on this area is essential in order to achieve great results when restoring symmetrical lips. This needs to be done by an experienced clinician to avoid filler migration. The lower lip should also be filled in treatment to balance the ratio of top and bottom lip – usually the bottom lip should be slightly bigger than the top to keep a natural aesthetic and avoid the “duck look”.

Less is more

“Less is more” is a great statement to follow as to prevent overfilling and taking away the natural look. We prefer being conservative at the manse regarding lip filler and we always suggest coming back in 4 weeks for a check up and possibly more filler if needed. Filling in lips gradually over a couple treatments will increase the rate of patient satisfaction. For natural looking results, the best way to achieve it is to “Start low and go slow”

After your Lip filler treatment

Straight after treatment bruising and swelling, common side effects of dermal filler, may occur which could throw people off what the result will be. It could leave patients feeling uncertainty on if they will get the natural look they desired. During the consultation these things should be discussed so the patient isn’t in for a surprise post injection. Usually swelling and bruising will last for a couple days and will begin to settle at the 1 week mark. We always inform our patients it will take up to 4 weeks to fully heal. Some may see more swelling the day after in the morning as they wake up which is also very normal.

Lip filler natural subtle
Lip filler natural subtle