Botched Tear Trough Filler Corrrection

Botched tear trough filler
Botched tear trough filler: Lumpiness, blue colour

Here is a case of a patient who presented to our Sydney clinic. She had been treated by another clinic 4 months ago.

She had botched tear trough filler. There was lumpiness, Tyndall effect (the blue discolouration), and the troughs were in general overfilled.

lumpiness after tear trough filler
Lumpiness after tear trough filler

This patient was very distressed, obviously. She had gone to have a treatment to improve her under eyes, but they were much worse than when she started.

She had tried massaging with minimal results

We usually recommend that the patient gives the previous doctor an opportunity to correct their work, but in this case, the patient had lost trust and did not want to go back to the previous injector.

Botched filler under eyes
Botched filler under eyes


We treated the patient with the dissolving product, called Hyalase, and then refilled her.

Usually we like to take this process slowly and gradually, but the patient had an important event coming up and we were very motivated to get her troughs ready for it. We were able to remove the lumpy product and refill and get her ready for her event. See her results below 🙂

Before and after hyalase to dissolve filler under eyes
Before and after hyalase to dissolve filler under eyes
Hyalase to dissolve filler
Hyalase to dissolve filler

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