Blepharoplasty Diary 24 hours

24 Hours After Blepharoplasty Procedure

It’s difficult going to sleep on 3 pillows, but the sleeping pills helped. I just couldn’t wait to wake up and take off the bandages and see again. Being temporarily blind has been the worst part of the procedure.

Also I couldn’t wait to check out my  results.

I woke up and took the bandages off. Was really relieved to see again. I looked in the mirror and was surprised at how reasonable I looked. It was not my finest moment, but there was no bruising and only mild swelling.

The pain today is minimal, I don’t need to take any analgesia. It’s just not bad enough to bother. Again I feel like simple food.

I do feel very tired, I’m mostly staying on the couch and watching some binge TV.

Blepharoplasty diary 24 hours after surgery

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