Best Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

After 2 IPL treatment for pigmentation

What is the best skin rejuvenation treatment?

Obviously the answer would be different for different patients, depending on what the problem is with their skin.


In every patient, though, I recommend a minimum of 2 skin treatments per year for maintenance, ie one each of the following,

  1. IPL, which will work on improving the sun damage, pigmentation and freckles. and
  2. Fractional Laser : This laser works by ablating or heating up columns of skin, stimulating collagen and improving texture

Case Study 

Above is a case of an outdoor-loving Australian, who came to me and wanted the most efficient method to remove her sun damage.


We performed 2 treatments of IPL 1 month apart, with excellent results. The treatment takes about 20 minutes, is uncomfortable. On the day of treatment the face is red and hot and feels sunburned for about 2 hours, then the sun damage and pigmentation goes dark, then the brown areas lift off over the next week or so leaving clearer skin underneath

Plan For future 

  1. We are now working on the redness and capillaries with a vascular laser.
  2. I will also recommend a series of fractional lasers after we have finished treating her colour (red and brown).
  3. We will also perform regular laser facials with a Q-switched laser
  4. We will inject some skinboosters to internally hydrate the skin and to make it appear more young and plump

Maintenance Plan 

  1. Laser facials
  2. Fractional laser and IPL a minimum of once yearly to continue the best skin rejuvenation treatment plan

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