Before and after Lip Filler for Small Lips

We share a lot of before and after lip filler cases, but one of the most requested examples is of those who start with small lips, and in particular a small upper lip.

Here we can share a case study of a patient with a very small upper lip.

Small Lips Treated with Filler Case Study

Here is a patient with a small upper lip, including almost no pink upper lip at the sides of the mouth. This patient wanted a subtle but noticeable result.

Here are her before and after images immediately after the procedure

Before and after lip fillers small lips small lips
Before and after lip fillers small lips

In this patient our doctor has increased the height of the upper lip, particularly at the sides where there was previously no height. Our doctor has also improved the appearance of the lip border and the shape and proportion.

More examples of lip fillers for small lips

Lip fillers small lips
Lip fillers small lips

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