Beautiful Dermal Filler in Lips Results

Sexy Lips After Dermal Filler

I just love everything about these filled lips, they are bang on that sweet spot where plastic meets fantastic. There is such a range of sizes that can look gorgeous, when it comes to injecting dermal filler into an individual’s lips. In this case, I just like where we took it. They are big without puffiness or too much projection or offbeat proportions.

They are unreasonably young looking, but so appropriate to the face.

They are just a little bit mesmerising, in that radical, too good to be true kind of way of the very beautiful

Anyway the picture says it better than I can.

We grew them gradually with a reasonably small amount of dermal filler. Interestingly, IRL they don’t look nearly as big as they do in these pics.

This is a lip size that is very popular. Gen Y beauty achievers don’t muck around.

They also look awesome from every angle, see below.

After dermal filler to lips
Beautiful results after dermal filler lips

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