At What Age Should I Start Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

“At what age should I start getting injections for my wrinkles?”

I so often get asked this question about injectables, more often by non-cosmetic patients LOL.

The real beauty-achieving cosmetic patients don’t need to ask questions that they can answer themselves…

The realistic answer is that the ideal is to be proactive, but at the same time, it’s never to late to get an improvement.


Best Age to Start Muscle-Relaxing Injections

Think of your face as a lovely and brand new house. Is it better to wait for decades doing nothing to it and ignoring the things that fall into disrepair, or is it better to keep on top of things, regularly painting it, maintaining it and fixing the little issues that go wrong with it over time. What do the houses look like in comparison after decades, the maintained one vs the ignored one? Which is easier for tradesman to come and perform work on? Which one looks better?

Like our house maintenance example, the best answer for when to begin muscle relaxing injections (if you want the ultimate aesthetic outcome over time) is to at least begin treatment as soon as you’re seeing the beginnings of aesthetic problems occurring, e.g.  wrinkles etching into the skin.

The case below is a patient who got treatment just in time! Her frown lines were just beginning to show at rest.

The patient said “when the light catches the lines, I look angry”. We were able to treat this by relaxing the muscles in her frown lines

At what do I start cosmetic injections At what age should I start injectables? This is a patient’s frown line which is just starting to etch in. The second photo is after the anti wrinkle treatment for the frown line, with a great result i.e. the li
Before and after muscle relaxing injections to frown line. Patient frowning

Best Age to Start Dermal Filler?

Any adult can choose to have dermal filler to improve on what nature didn’t give them, e.g. those who have money box lips, lack of projection in their chin or less than the prettiest cheekbones etc, or for the young asian patients who love a higher nose bridge, slimmer jawline, pointier chin or fuller front cheeks.

In terms of dermal filler for ageing, bone loss starts at about age 26 years in women, so this is a great time to start a tiny bit of maintenance, and the best thing about this is that if you start early and have regular treatments, the face will just be very well looked after and easier to treat than a patient who will come in at age 60 and need lots of mls of product.


Best Age to Start Skinboosters?

Like the muscle relaxing injections, it is great to use skinbooster just before or when you notice the first signs of skin ageing


Best Age to Start Laser Treatment?

With laser treatments my belief is that at the very least patients should perform laser as soon as they see flaws appear.

e.g. if spider veins appear on the face, treat them.

If moles appear on the face, treat them.

If sun damage appears on the face, laser it off.

If pigmentation appears on the face, get rid of it.

In general laser is easier when problems are picked up early.

I also suggest a minimal maintenance program for patients, which includes 1 fractional laser per year and 1 forever young BBL or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) per year. This is the absolute minimal number of laser treatments for patients per year so that things do not get out of hand. Every case is different with laser. Patients are predisposed to certain issues, and the treatment type will depend on this


What are the typical ages for patients starting anti ageing treatments ?

Crows’ feet, frown lines or horizontal forehead lines are often the starting point for antiaging injections in caucasians. A typical time for this to start is age 26, although it might be earlier or later depending on the persons level of ageing.


What to do if I’m not sure?

Have a consultation and discuss the options. You will know when you are ready.

The most important thing is that it’s never too late to start. Improvements are always achievable:)

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