Are Higher Brows Always Better?

are higher brows better

There is a simplistic belief system that eyebrows universally droop as they age and we should lift them to make people look rejuvenated. The story is much more complex than that.

There is no doubt that as some people age, their brows may start to droop and they look more tired or that some patients just love a higher brow look.

It is important to look at the science. We recommend this meta-analysis for those interested in delving deeper into the issue.

A Fresh Approach

With brow rejuvenation, there is no one-size fits all approach. If our aim is to make patients appear rejuvenated or more youthful, it is not purely about lifting brows, it is about reshaping and looking at the 3D aspect of brows.

In some cases higher brows can be ageing, and we need to include the option of lowering brows, or at least parts of them.

The other important consideration with brows is the feminisation/masculinisation aspect of the design, which is vital to include in treatment planning.

The Science of Eyebrow Height and Ageing

The limited studies reveal more about eyebrow height and ageing, however, more research is needed.

Lambros found that “the eyebrow elevated in 28%, remained stable in 51%, and descended in 29% of the cases.”

The conclusion of this meta analysis broke it down into eyebrow parts and found “the medial aspect of the eyebrow increases in height with age. The brow height remains stable at the level of the lateral canthus but decreases at the lateral eyebrow end”

Another important part of brows that needs to be evaluated better is the 3D aspect of orbital rejuvenation. The projection of the brow, the volume and shape of the immediate subbrow area, the Aframe deformity and surrounds etc.

The Manse Approach

It’s important to see a team who are focused on face design, as this is what determines the final aesthetic result.

The Manse team look at the face as a whole, and after learning about the patient’s aesthetic goals, we discuss how to optimise the face and brows from a design aspect, then discuss the options, risks and benefits and create a plan with the patient..

Options for Brow Reshaping

There are multiple options for brow reshaping at The Manse. This will range from threads to other simpler, and less invasive options.

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