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Pain Relief for Injections for sweating

Author: Dr Naomi / 28 Oct 2015

Injections for sweating in the armpit /axilla are not very painful and the majority of patients are happy with ice as a pain prevention method.

Injections for sweating in the hands and feet are more painful and we advise for patients to (at least) use topical anaesthetic with clingwrap for 45 mins prior. See below for other pain relief options:

Other options may be used for patients for injections for sweating, particularly if they are pain sensitive or needle phobic

The general options for pain relief for injections for sweating are:

* Ice

Ice is always used with injections for excessive sweating, it helps the pain, and as importantly, it reduces the likelihood of bruising

* Topical anaesthetic (eg EMLA / LMX etc ):

These are creams /ointments which are applied to the skin. They work best if applied for 45 minutes with clingwrap placed over the anaesthetic on the skin.

* Happy Gas (Entonox):

Entonox is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which can be inhaled by the patient 2 minutes before and during a procedure, to reduce the pain and anxiety related to a procedure.

* Penthrox

Penthrox is another inhaled substance, which is inhaled prior to and during a procedure, providing pain and anxiety relief.

Anxiety Relief during injections for sweating procedure

For those patients who are needle phobic, feeling very anxious about the procedure, or are very anxious about the potential pain of a procedure may be given a muscle relaxant 30 minutes prior to the procedure. If patients are going to use this option, they will not be able to drive after the procedure.


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