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Author: Dr Naomi / 31 Oct 2015

Eyelash extensions are  silk, mink or synthetic fibres which are glued onto your own lashes.

We offer all options at Dr Naomi

How to choose the length of your eyelash extensions?

You may choose to have eyelash extensions purely to enhance the thickness of your natural lashes. This is the most natural appearing of he eyelash extension options. If you choose to lengthen your natural lashes then you can choose to increase the lash length by between 1ml to 10mm.

It is personal choice as to how long and glamorous or short and natural you would like your lashes to be.

Other factors need to be taken into consideration: eg sometimes very long lashes can be more uncomfortable for some clients.

How often do I need to get infills for my eyelash extensions?

As your natural lashes shed and fall out, your eyelash extensions will fall out with them. Also with those who sleep on their faceTo keep your lashes looking full and natural, infills are needed every 2-4 weeks.

We offer pricing for

1 week infills

2 week infills

3 week infills

4 week infills

Problems which can occur with eyelash extensions

Allergy to lash glue: You need to see your doctor if this occurs as prescription medication may be required.

Too much glue used: this looks very bad with lumps and bumps of clear/ white glue at the base of lashes

One lash extension glued to multiple lashes: This is the sign of an incompetent / lazy lash technician as it is a given that 1 lash fibre should be glued to one natural lash. If one extension is glued to more than one lash, this will cause a problem as the lashes grow out, with the growth uneven potentially causing irritation.

Glue not holding the lashes on: A different glue should be used

Lashes not staying in line: this can often occur when the client sleeps on their lashes. Combing daily is advised to get them back to staying in line.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

* Avoid using water on your eyes for 24 hours after your extensions are applied

* Avoid rubbing your eyes

* Avoid sleeping on your face (only if possible)

* Avoid mascara

* Use oil free makeup remover

* Comb eyelashes daily

Cost of Eyelash Extensions

Full set

infill at 1 week

Infill at 2 weeks

infill at 3 weeks

Infill at 4 weeks


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