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Antiwrinkle Injections Cost

Author: Dr Naomi / 28 Oct 2015

Antiwrinkle injections are our specialty and our most popular treatment. We take a very specific history to ascertain what is important to you. We specialise in “the natural look”. Our philosophy is that we aim to make you happy by making you look better and or younger with a natural appearance.
All new patients will have a complimentary review at approximately 4  weeks after their treatment. (For masseter slimming, the review should be at 6 weeks).
Anti-wrinkle injection cost depends on the amount used. We charge by units, but have typical prices for certain areas. The higher your dose, the less we charge per unit. So the more you buy, the less expensive the product is per unit. The range for treatment cost would be $260 to $1200. Typically, the most common spend would be around the $620-$720 mark.
Some patients will need higher doses and different frequency of treatment due to factors such as muscle size, metabolism and prior use of antiwrinkle injections. Males tend to need higher doses than females


Antiwrinkle Injection Type D (nurse)

312.5U for $1200 = $3.84 per unit

281U for $1100 =$3.91 per unit

250U for $990 = $3.96 per unit

219U for $890 =$4.06 per unit

187.5U for $790 =$4.21 per unit

156U for $690 =$4.41 per unit

125U $600 = $4.80 per unit

94U $500 = $5.33 per unit

62.5 units $360 = $5.76 per unit


Antiwrinkle injection B pricing (nurse):

100U for $1200 = $12 per unit

90U for $1100 =$12.22per unit

80U for $990 = $12.38 per unit

70U for $890 =$12.71 per unit

60U for $790 =$13.17 per unit

50U for $690 =$13.80 per unit

40U $600 = $15 per unit

30U $500 = $16.67 per unit

20 U $360 = $18 per unit


Injection A

312.5 U for $990 = $3.17 per unit

Injection B

100U for $990 = $9.90 per unit


The patient will be advised which dose will be best for them at the treatment time. The patient will return for a complimentary review at 4 weeks after their antiwrinkle injection treatment. This is necessary as the results cannot be seen on the day of consultation and we would like to make sure the patient is looking perfect, and that their treatment cannot be improved. Review appointments are only necessary after their first treatment. In subsequent treatments we will already have worked out the suitable dose for treatment.

If at the review appointment, the patient needs / wants a “top up” this will be given, at no cost to the patient. For each patient, there is a lifetime allowance for treatment in our clinic of 2 complimentary “top ups” (of a limited number of units). After these 2 complimentary “top ups” have been used, the patient must increase their dose for the treatment or pay for the “top up” treatments.

For masseter slimming reviews at 6-8  weeks, “top ups” are not complimentary.


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