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Cheek lifting using a Promoitalia threadlift

Author: Dr Naomi / 28 Oct 2015

The markings for “malar mound” cheek threadlift

The markings for “malar mound” cheek threadlift

Markings for “cheek tweak” procedure

Markings for “cheek tweak” procedure

Dr Naomi having crosslinking cheek threadlift procedure

Dr Naomi having crosslinking cheek threadlift procedure

Cheek lifting is SO IMPORTANT for the look of the aging face.

With promoitalia threads there are many varieties of procedures for lifting the cheek, Ranging from using 1 double needle thread on each side of the face “the cheek tweak” to the “malar mound” procedure which lifts the middle of the cheek using 3 free floating threads.

Crosslinking can also be used in the cheeks, where 6 free floating threads are used on either side in a woven pattern.

Also, any of these procedures  can be combined with the others.

What are the risks with  threadlifting?

Bruising is common

Swelling always occurs

Infection is possible. Antibiotics are used for all patients

Threads coming out at a later stage. This is rare

Threads placed too superficial, so that they can be seen, or the surface of the skin puckers.

Nerve damage from the needle which inserts the thread. This is extremely uncommon.

How long does the threadlift procedure take?

30minutes to 1 hour

How long does the results of a threadlift last?

That is always a difficult question as the patient will always continue to age. Maybe they will want the procedure again in 3-5 years

Is the threadlift painful?

After the local Anaesthetic has been injected there should be minimal discomfort.

Happy gas, Penthrox or Valium may be prescribed


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