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Calf Slimming Injections

Author: Dr Naomi / 13 Dec 2015






Calf slimming injections: This gorgeous patient had an important photo shoot coming up and wanted to look her best. IMHO I thought her legs were perfection, with that beautiful athletic look. BUT, she really wanted to get a thinner calf, to create a more skinny and streamlined leg, and the illusion of longer legs We performed 2 treatments of calf reducing injections, 8 weeks apart. She went into her shoot happy, confident, and with the exact look that she wanted for her legs. 💉 Treatment Calf reducing injections 😱 Pain Minimal, numbing cream and happy gas 💵 Cost Starting at $1490 per treatment ⛪️ Where @drnaomi1 Sydney, Australia 📨 Email Info@drnaomi.com.au ⏰ Treatment time 15 minutes ⌚️ Longevity For best result 3 treatments per year ☎️ Telephone 02 93315006 #dollsofdrnaomi

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I love big calves, but some people don't: Calf slimming injections #calfslimming

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Calf Slimming injections FAQ


  • How does calf slimming work?

Muscle relaxing injections are injected into the calf muscle, which will reduce the size of the muscle

  • How quickly does it work?

At our clinic, we review calf slimming patients 8 weeks after their injections 

  • Is only one treatment required?

This depends on how big the calves are and how slim the patient wants them to be. The process is that we do the first treatment, assess at 8 weeks, if the patient is happy then we will see the patient every 4 months. If the patient is not happy with the size i.e. they want to be thinner in the calves, then we can perform further injections at the 8 week review appointment

  • How much does it cost?

We tend to use a standard starting dose for calf injections, the cost of which is $1490 per treatment

  • Is it painful?

Not very

  • Who is unsuitable?

Those who need large calf muscles e.g. athletes / bodybuilders who need their large calf muscles

  • What are the side effects?

Loss of power in the calves, bruising

Before and after calf slimming injections (image supplied by patient)

Before and after calf slimming injections (image supplied by patient)



Calf slimming injections: Before and after image supplied by patient who was delighted by her results! 💉💃

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