1 Regent St., Paddington NSW 2021

   02 9331 5005

The Manse clinic doctors do not answer any personal emails from those who aren’t already patients of the clinic, emails are answered by administrative staff only.

Dr Naomi, however, will answer questions posted in the comments section of a suitable blog post. If you would like a response from the doctor, please use that format.

The Booking process: Bookings are not taken until patients have paid the non-refundable booking fee, which for the doctors, is $240, and for therapists is $120. These charges cover the fee for the initial consultation.

Opening hours

  • MONDAY:  9am - 6pm  
  • TUESDAY:  9am - 6pm 
  • WEDNESDAY:  9am - 7pm 
  • THURSDAY: 9am - 6pm 
  • FRIDAY:  9am - 6pm 
  • SATURDAY: 9am - 3pm 

(after hours available by appointment)