Yearly Skin Maintenance Musts

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Here is a list of yearly skin maintenance musts. Cosmetic patients should have these treatments once a year (minimum) to keep their skin in tip top condition

Fractional Laser Non-Ablative

This should be performed at least once year for maintenance of skin texture, TO help prevent and treat crepiness, fine lines, and skin ageing.

The downtime is minimal, the procedure can be done on a Friday and the patient will be a little red on the day and then $650 per treatment)


A study was performed on patients having BBL. They had their photos taken before and 9 years after having BBL approximately 1-2 times per year. The age appearance of the after photos by observers was found to be less than in the 9 year old photos!

Do not go without BBL, at least once per year. It will keep your sun damage under control and improve redness, pigment and texture.

BBL is my desert island laser.

Cost $680 full face, $850 face and neck


This should be performed 1-2 times per year for maintenance.

Skin loses its youthful plumpness as we age. To treat this loss, we inject a very fine internal moisturiser under the entire skin surface, giving skin a young and healthy glow. This will improve thin skin, giving it a plump youthfulness. Fine lines will improve and collagen will be stimulated.

Cost $420 per ml. Full face best result with 3mls.

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