What is Cosmetic Medicine For?

Why do Patients Have Cosmetic Treatments?

Cosmetic medical treatment is clearly about looking younger and more attractive, but maybe, that is the means to an end. What is the “end”?

The endgame for cosmetic patients is varied, but it is most commonly about life-improvement and psyche-improvement.

I have previously written (OK, a bit of a rant…) about what is often perceived by the ignorant, as the motivations for cosmetic treatments, but here I’m going to go into the minds of real cosmetic patients:

  • It is about expanding your options.
  • It is walking into that room, where you need to impress, with pure and real confidence and ease.
  • It is securing that incredible job, or million dollar deal.
  • It is the creation of the look of health that others want to see in a leader.
  • It is meeting the new or old friends, lovers and family with poise.
  • It is the “yes” to a date.
  • It is meeting the mirror with a comfortable feeling and no regrets.
  • It is to make the appearance more matching with the inside.
  • It is about the benefits, which follow those who are more attractive.
  • It is freeing your mind from thoughts of something physical which annoys you.
  • It is the beauty achievement mentality, where the focus is on improvement.

To my precious beauty-achieving readers, what is your endgame?

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