Top 10 eyelash extension problems

Here’s a list of the top 10 eyelash extension problems:

1. Lash therapist not sticking to the 1 to 1 rule. ie eyelashes must be glued with one synthetic fibre to one natural lash. Some therapists will stick 1 synthetic fibre to multiple natural lash fibres, which will cause problems including irritated eyes and lashes being pulled out by lashes that they are stuck to.

2. Getting eyelash extensions wet within 24 hour period of getting them applied. One should wait 24 hours after eyelash extensions have been applied, before wetting lashes, because the water can rehydrate the glue before it has set.

3. Using mascara that isn’t oil free or mineral oil free on extensions.

4. Using oily makeup removers and face creams

5. Rubbing and pulling your eyelash extensions.

6. Going too thick or long eyelash extensions for your natural lash as fibres will buckle and twist

7. Sleeping on your tummy and favouring one side, often makes lashes on that side fall out more quickly

8. Cutting eyelash extensions makes them look blunt (which looks unnatural), eyelash extension fibres are made to taper off at the end, like a normal eyelash.

9. Not combing them regularly. Eyelash extensions should be combed once per day with a clean disposable mascara wand.

10. Applying mascara to lower lashes. Residue of this can get caught in the glue base from opening and shutting the eyes

11. Eyelash curlers shouldn’t be used on eyelash extensions, as it can snap the fibres. If you want a great curl, tell your therapist, who should use c curl lashes.

Interview with Jessica, Dr Naomi’s eyelash extension expert:
There are several problems with the previous treatment (btw previous treatment was not performed at our clinic)
1. The therapist has applied too many natural lashes to 1 extension eyelash fibre. The rule is one natural lash to one synthetic fibre
2. Too much glue! Terri complained that friends were even asking her what the lumps of glue at the base of the lashes were. As well as looking strange, too much glue too close to the eyelid can cause irritation and retard lash growth.
3. The lashes chosen were not the correct size. Lash fibres of all the same length were used across the entire lid. This is not the correct application technique. Lashes of different lengths should be used, longer lashes should be used on outer corners of the lid and shorter lashes used on inner corners.

Do you have to repair these eyelash extension problems often?
Yes, regularly
Are these eyelash extension problems easy to repair?
It requires the use of a chemical glue dissolver which isn’t great for the lash or the client’s skin and generally results in bald spots or snapped lashes.
Why do you think these eyelash extension problems are  so common?
People doing lashes who don’t specialise in lashes.
Poor training and knowledge of procedure and inferior quality products.
Why is it so important to attach only one natural eyelash fibre to one synthetic fibre?
Because you want the lashes to shed out naturally with your lash in its growth cycle so it doesn’t rip out other lashes prematurely.

Thanks Jess, for being my blog interviewee!! Tell your boyfriend to watch out because he’s going to be next on my blog 🙂
Dr Naomi XXX

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