The Plastic Positive Movement

There’s a movement of people self-describing as “Plastic Positive”. In marketing terms, this is sheer genius. They are uniting and saying, like all subcultures before them, “people like us do things like this”.

The “things like this”, in their case, include getting cosmetic treatments to achieve a look that is more extreme than that occurring  in nature i.e. an obviously enhanced, OTT, plastic appearance.

They are the extreme-beauty achievers.

Like all effective subcultures, they define themselves by what they are and what they are not. It is their exclusion criteria that makes them stronger and more of a tribe. They exclude not only those who are anti- cosmetic treatments, but even those who get cosmetic treatments with the aim of achieving a natural appearance.

They even have an awesome and semi-pejorative term for these shunned and excluded cosmetic naysayers: The “Plastic Negatives”, and sometimes just “Grandma” LOL. Kudos to the PPs for this impressive spin. Who wants to be called negative or old?

They are out and proud. They are too at ease with themselves to waste any time in a closet. Unlike half of the pathetic celebs out there who claim their obviously enhanced faces and bodies are due to drinking water and exercising, the plastic positives feel no shame in the truth. It’s a strange world when the most fake can also be the most authentic.

Personally, I’m always partial to a rule-breaking outlier. Give me Kurt Sutter for my TV, Harvey Levin for my celebs, and Joan Rivers for comedy (RIP my darling Joan, you are missed). These people know and lead their tribes and don’t care to satisfy the masses. It’s no wonder I’m feeling the PPs, who revel in their outlaw status.

See Plastic Positive’s instagram, where they celebrate “all beyond natural beauty, the purest plastic perfection and unreal sex appeal” It is another freakish world.

Being a cosmetic doctor, I have to be careful with this one. My colleagues are pretty down on the Plastic Positives. It’s in my interest to be a “Plastic Negative” most of the time to make the majority of my patients happy and comfortable. Most patients are scared of anything but a “Plastic Negative” doctor.

Maybe if Australia had a bigger population, I could let loose, getting my total PP on, even going a full Dr Brandt (my hero). At this stage, I obviously don’t have the balls and also have to consider the possibility that it’s a risky business move.

Dr Brandt: My hero

From a working life perspective, in general, the PPs tend to be a lot of fun to spend my work time with. Their enthusiasm for cosmetic treatments is unbridled! They are a breath of fresh air for a doctor who has listened to the (pointlessly) anxious “I just want you to know that I want to look really natural” plea, literally several thousand times.

The PPs are easy to understand. They just want it FROZEN, BIG, NOW and FREQUENTLY….

Unlike my colleagues and the mainstream media, I don’t see these people as having a problem. They are pretty out there, but they are aesthetes like me, just with different taste. Why shouldn’t everyone be their own arbiter of beauty?  The PPs literally find beauty in the extreme. The normal to them is boring and less attractive. Should I try to force my aesthetic onto them? I think it would be arrogance for me to impose an aesthetic on anyone who chooses to define their own. Wouldn’t it be equally as inappropriate to give a plastic positive patient a natural face (which they would hate), as it would be to give an OTT and enhanced-looking face to a patient who has requested “the  natural look”

I suppose I can come out of the closet for the Plastic Positives once in a while:) It depends if I want to be the artist or the paintbrush. In my work, I am so often only a paintbrush for the PNs, why not for the PPs?

Of course, my muses , demand it….


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