Removal of Permanent Dermal Filler

This patient had a permanent dermal filler at another clinic several years ago.

The permanent dermal filler may have been placed too superficially in the lips which created visible lumps in the patient’s lips. The lumpiness also made the lips look uneven.

The patient also had a history of previous surgical removal of some of the permanent filler which caused some scarring in her lips.

The patient came to me to treat the one obvious lump of permanent dermal filler on her left upper lip.

Please note the pale lump on the left upper lip which is a lump of dermal filler

Treatment for removal of permanent dermal filler

We put the patient on antibiotics and then removed the superficial lump manually

The photo below is immediately after her second treatment, and shows complete resolution of the lump. There is some swelling in the area, and if you look closely, you can see a red dot, which is the needle hole.

Before and after removal of lump of permanent dermal filler

When the permanent is superficial and in lumps, it is easier to remove.

We have had a case of a patient who came to me after a treatment at another clinic where the product for some reason escaped out of the pink upper lip into the cutaneous lip (white) above the vermilion border, by about 4-6mm which is very unappealing aesthetically. We were able to remove enough of it to remove the thickened lip border appearance,  but it was much more difficult, with multiple treatments and increased downtime for the patient.

Our clinic has stopped performing permanent dermal filler and its removal. The main reason comes down to the following, which is an old saying in the Injectorati:

“Permanent filler, permanent problems”

We have also stopped offering removal of permanent dermal filler, because we do not want to take on these cases, we prefer to send them to the rare clinics who still offer permanent dermal filler. The other reason is that we do not offer to inject temporary dermal filler over any area that has been injected with permanent dermal filler, so we would prefer to send these patients straight to the clinic who will be looking after the areas where they have had permanent dermal fillers.

Before and after removal of lump of dermal filler

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