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Congratulations on taking the first step towards your MASCULANE procedure. As you would now be aware from your medical consultation, MASCULANE is a minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedure that provides an effective option for non-surgical penis enlargement. It’s important that you now take the time to consider all the information provided to you by your doctor. If you have any questions of concerns leading up to your procedure, please contact our clinic and your consulting doctor will get back to you as soon as possible.


Important: The information provided to you within this document is to inform you of the pre and post MASCULANE procedure instructions. Strict adherence to these instructions will enable the best achievable aesthetic result with the lowest possible risk.


Following your initial booking you will have bee provided with a pre-treatment pack which includes a prescrition for antibiotics and a skin preparation sponge. On the day of the procedure, it is requested that you wear loose fitting underwear and pants. Please also plan for at least 12 hours of downtime following the procedure


The antibiotics are to be commenced on the morning of your procedure, in accordance with the directions provided on the box. The antibiotic you will be prescribed is a precautionary measure only.

Skin Preparation

  • It is highly recommended that well prior to the procedure, you trim/shave your pubic hair as to ensure that it does no encroach on the penis base. Please do this in the week prior to your booking, as any new cuts or abrasions to your skin will impact on your risk of infection.
  • Immediately prior to leaving home for the clinic, you will be required to shower and thoroughly clean and scrub your penis with the chlorhexidine surgical skin preparation sponge that has been provided. Please ensure that you retract and clean under your foreskin (if you have one) and ensure that your groin, lower abdomen and scrotum have all been thoroughly soaked in the chlorhexidine solution provided. Following this it is requested that you put on a fresh, clean pair of loose fitting underwear.
  • Please arrive at the clinic at least 45 minutes prior to your booked appointment time. On arrival, you will be provided with a strong numbing cream to self-apply to your penis and cover with an occlusive film. This will numb the skin and reduce any discomfort that you may experience otherwise. 45 minutes is necessary to allow the numbing cream to take effect, so please be on time.


  • Prior to undertaking the treatment, your doctor will re-visit the procedure and you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have with the doctor, Please note that you will not require any sedation or general anaesthesia for MASCULANE. It is invariably well tolerated with very little pain or discomfort. The procedure itself will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour dependant on the volume you are having in that session.


The post treatment protocol is important to ensure you desired treatment effect. Please ensure that you follow these directions closely and seek advice from the clinic if you have questions relating to this protocol.

  • Immediately following the procedure, you will notice a number of small wounds which will be covered with an occlusive dressing (please do not remove these for at least 24 hours). Additionally, your doctor will apply a self-adhesive pressure. The bandage should remain in place for the first 24 hours.
  • If the doctor has provided a medication induced erection please note that the erection may persist 1-4 hours after the procedure. If your erection has not clearly resolved after 4 hours or becomes painful then contact your doctor as soon as possible. In the even that you are unable to contact your treating doctor/clinic, you should seek review at your nearest emergency department.


  • Do take your antibiotics as prescribed
  • Do monitor for any signs of infection which may include increasing redness, pain, heat, swelling, discharge, discolouration, bubbles under the skin or fevers
  • Do gently stretch and massage your penis at least three time daily. Ensure you wash your hands prior
  • Do keep well Hydrated (HA fillers attract water to provide volume and tissue integration).
  • Do call the clinic if you have any questions or concerns (PH 93315005)


  • Dont partake in any form of sexual intercourse or masturbation for at least 14 days following MASCULANE.
  • Don’t get your dressings wet or soiled within the first 24 hours post procedure
  • Don’t go swimming or immerse yourself in spas, pools or bathtubs etc for at least 5 days following MASCULANE
  • Don’t allow your dressing to “bunch up”. Reapply regularly to ensure an even smooth coverage.
  • Don’t wear tight pants and / or tight underwear for the first 48 hours following the procedure. Where possible, keep it straight, long and loose.

Please see our MASCULANE website for comprehensive information on the topic.


  • After your initial treatment you will be invited to attend a follow-up appointment at approximately 4-6  weeks after your treatment. This enables your practitioner to review your results. Several treatments will be necessary to achieve your desired outcome
  • To maintain your results you will be recommended regular treatments every 1-3 years
  • Please attend your review at 4 weeks, or the date advised

We will see you at your review appointment

Please contact us if you have any further questions about your treatment on 93315005 or

The Manse team xx

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