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Author: Tim Nguyen / 6 Dec 2011
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Dr Naomi is a cosmetic doctor and writer based in Sydney, Australia.  She came up in 1999, at the beginning of the non-surgical cosmetic revolution, and is now repping for the global injectorati.

Dr Naomi graduated from Medicine and after further study was admitted in 2002 as an inaugural Fellow of the Faculty of Medicine, Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. She opened her boutique cosmetic clinic in Paddington in 2002. She reached all of her business goals for her cosmetic clinic after a decade of practice, and the practice continues to grow. Dr Naomi became a medical writer in 2011 and started her blog, which is now the focus of her goals. She wants her blog to be the best online information source for cosmetic patients worldwide.

Journalist, Andrew Hornery described Dr Naomi, in his column, “PS”, in the Sydney Morning Herald, as “the go-to physician for ***** and fillers for well-heeled ladies”.

Dr Naomi is the only Australian doctor who writes for, the international industry web-bible for cosmetic doctors (50,000 unique views per month).

Dr Naomi’s patients and readers are at the sophisticated end of the cosmetic patient and doctor spectrum, they are the pioneers and the innovators, which pushes her further, in clinical practice and in writing.

***** Cannot quote due to restrictions by TGA, Dr Naomi has been reported for doing this by competitors in the past.


Dr Naomi, the blog, provides information and advice about beauty and cosmetic surgery. Her readers are extreme beauty achievers. They are 25-55, into fashion and beauty and are motivated to look good.

The blog also has a small but popular fashion component, “Hottie of the Week”. It is aspirational, but at the same time, real and fun. It can range from street style to high end fashion.

Dr Naomi Marquee, Polo in the City, Sydney

Dr Naomi Marquee, Polo in the City, Sydney


Page views per month  (Feb 19th google analytics) 75,263

Unique views per month (Feb 19th 2017 google analytics 25,682

Alexa Ranking Global 1,7million

Facebook Page Likes >12K (July 2017)

Instagram Followers 125K (July 2017)

Email subscriber database  >3000


Sponsorship and interests will always be disclosed, and reviews will be honest.

Sponsored Posts

Dr Naomi is happy to review products or services which will be of interest to her readers

Fees: From $5000

Industry Events

Dr Naomi or her staff will attend and create images and detailed copy and post on her blog.

Fees: From $10,000

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram promotion, including giveaways

Fee: $3000

Sponsored Interview by Dr Naomi 

Fees: From $15,000

Medical equipment companies

Dr Naomi will accept medical equipment in exchange for a series of posts about the equipment.


Please contact to express your interest. 

Needle in Hand, in the Injecting Zone

Needle in Hand, in the Injecting Zone

For further information please email


“Thank you for writing this blog Dr Naomi.. It’s brave, humble, and testimony to your caring spirit that readers out there know your story, your experiences, and events that led you to the cosmetic industry. Your blog has been such an amazing wonderful source of information and knowledge for me and finally I have recently undergone some procedures with fillers in my home state and I knew exactly what to expect, what I wanted, and I had realistic expectations of my finished “look”. I couldn’t be happier with the results and it’s thanks to your blog and the information that you provide which helps inform and educate new cosmetic patients like myself who are on a journey of transforming our health and wellbeing into being the best that we can be… So..thank you :)” “I”

“This is a website I feel I can trust. There are other anti aging websites out there .. but none of them compare. They are either too focused on the negative (and I am better off not reading as they scare me!), or talk as though there is zero chance of a bad outcome. However, I think you help promote realistic outcomes via this blog.”Anne

 “I am almost obsessed with your blog/writing! Such a great perspective to hear from a cosmetic doctor who also loves beauty and fashion with a great sense of humor. Love from Alaska, keep writing please” Dr Z.Zoubek (Alaska)

 “There are so many of us who love your blog. It provides so much more information than the stock-photo/photoshopped/misleading drivel that everyone else out there uses. If only everybody did it your way, there would be so much less confusion, cover-up and disappointment in the cosmetic industry. People would have more choice, they’d be better informed in making their decisions and the whole business would be more open and frank – you are an educator and a leader in what you do for anyone considering or undergoing enhancements.” Anonymous Canberran

“I have scoured your webpage and blog from top to bottom, devouring the copious amounts of valuable and informative information.  After reading your blog I went back to the web searching for another cosmetic medical professional who offered something similar and/or further information (I like to research things well before I make a significant investment!!). So far there is no one who comes close, despite most of them offering a “blog” option on their websites.  Through the information you’ve shared I feel more informed in the procedures/treatments I would like to have now and into the future.   I feel I will have more power and confidence when I finally make my appointment with my chosen professional.   A big thank you to your patients that have so kindly allowed themselves to be photographed and written about, this has been invaluable to me – much better than looking at the standard brand advertising.

You’ve certainly provided transparency and real information.  Personally, I want to know and see the results other people are achieving through cosmetic procedures.  I don’t buy into advertising by suppliers; they are only interested in selling their products.  I really like that you are completely honest on your blog, e.g. Telling us when a patient has not happy because they wanted more filler etc. ” Alisa, Queensland

 “Your introduction of yourself is so well written, I had to read it out loud to my husband and it made me smile. I agree with so many things that you say and compliments on your writing skills.
I am a cosmetic Dr and GP in the UK and feel quite passionate about the industry and patient welfare as well.
Thank you very much.” Dr Annelize Meyer UK

 “I think I am addicted to your blog…I always check every few days to see whether you’ve posted something as I just love reading your stuff…even procedures I’m not interested in getting done myself, I just love your writing.” Rebecca, Sydney

For further information, please contact


Dr Naomi Marquee, Polo in the City, Sydney

Dr Naomi Marquee, Polo in the City, Sydney

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