Lip Profile After Dermal Fillers for Anti-Ageing

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Lip profile before and after dermal fillers.
Lip profile before and after dermal fillers.

When performing lip fillers, we must always consider the side view of the lips.

If the patient wants a natural result, the profile must stay natural, avoiding too much projection in the upper lip ie a ducky appearance.

Here we have a case where the patient wanted a subtle and antiageing result, see results above and below.

Lip profile before and after dermal fillers.
Lip profile before and immediately after dermal fillers. The swelling will resolve over the next few days

Anatomy of the Lips with Ageing

The anatomy of the upper lip changes as we age, with lengthening, thinning and volume loss.

Between our 20s and age 65+, the following happens to women’s upper lips:

  • Decreasing soft tissue thickness by 41%
  • Lengthening of the upper lip by 19%

Most of the reduction in tissue thickness occurs at the alar nasolabial fold.

Men’s soft tissue thickness decreased by 33%, and upper lip lengthened by 18%.

Researchers used MRI scans of the head to evaluate the differences in these 2 age groups.

*Research led by Patrick Tonnard MD PhD in Belgium. Published in February 2019 issue of Plastic and Recontructive surgery, the official medical journal of the Americal Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Dr Tonnard and colleagues plan a follow up article to discuss the clinical implications of their findings, including the role of dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers for Ageing and the Lip Profile

With the lip profile and reversing ageing, an important part is flipping the lip back up, reversing the droop, and giving the illusion of a shorter philtrum.

It’s also important to fill/prevent the wrinkles that are appearing in the lip border.

The important thing is to not overdo it and create too much projection. Another key is keeping the projection of the lower lip in line with the projection of the upper lip.

Before and after subtle antiageing lip fillers.
Before and after subtle antiageing lip enhancement.

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