Is there even a doctor at your laser | skin | cosmetic clinic?

CPCA graduation

The cosmetic MEDICAL industry is booming.

I capitalised MEDICAL, because that is what it is.

Also because the word represents doctors, which implies:

  • a degree to which only the top academic achievers are accepted *  
  • years of study, more  than the majority other occupations *  
  • guaranteed insurance (otherwise they are not allowed to practice) *
  • guaranteed continuing medical education
  • serious regulation by government.

What I see happening to my industry is something that saddens me so much. I see an ever expanding list of randoms who want in on medicine, but without the expertise, training or regulations that comes with the territory. I ask all patients, is there a even a doctor at your laser, skin or cosmetic clinic? Or is the doctor a random doctor in potentially another state, with no cosmetic training who was Skyped for a prescription?

Are you having medical treatments there? How would you feel going to any other medical specialty and having no doctors available to see you if required?

I can’t see the current state of the industry as anything but MADNESS.

At The Manse clinic, we believe in giving patients the best possible care, with the most highly trained professionals.

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