Image Copyright

OK, I’m putting you image thieves on notice. I have had images stolen from me countless times now. Many by Australian competitors, and even more by overseas clinics.  No link love, even (which would have eased the pain), just plain copyright infringement. The Australian competitors who have stolen my images include clinics in Bondi Junction, Pyrmont,  Byron Bay and Adelaide. Can you believe when I contacted one of the competitors who stole one of my images and used that image of MY PATIENT on her website, she (no joke) said “you really should watermark your images”. AHHH maybe you should really NOT STEAL images. The watermarks don’t stop people, so beware who you trust. So, I have had enough. All content creators will feel me on this one…. Doctors, you all have patients, get your own images, it’s not that hard…..Oh actually, yes it is, which is why you’re acting so lazy and stealing mine. Zero tolerance from now on.

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