How to Improve your Jawline

How to Improve your Jawline

Are you happy with your jawline?

1. Do you have a double chin?

The Manse clinic has a great non-invasive treatment for double chins, the results of which are permanent! We also offer neck and jowl liposuction

2. Is your jawline collapsing due to age? Or is your jawline too weak and you want to make it more chiselled, sharp and defined? If so, some filler in the jawline will be helpful.

3. Is your jawline too wide? ie is your face too square or round, if so, face slimming aka masseter slimming will be a great option for you.  

Jawline Filler

Jawline filler before and after
Jawline filler before and after

As a patient ages the angle of the mandible increases as they lose bone in that area. We can inject fillers to revolumise and create a more youthful angle and width again.

Double Chin Fat Dissolving

The angle of the jawline is very important for beauty. if you are carrying any fat there, it’s great to remove it to create a younger and sharper jawline. This is a very popular treatment for men as well, especially as the results are natural.

We also offer neck liposuction for removal of a double chin.

Before and after jawline fat dissolving
Before and after jawline fat dissolving

Combination of jawline issues

Before and after Jawline filler, PDO threads and double chin dissolving
Before and after Jawline filler, PDO threadlift and double chin dissolving

This patient had 3 separate jawline issues and was treated with

1. PDO threadlift 

2. Double chin dissolving injections

3. Dermal filler to jawline

Jawline slimming

Face slimming one of the most common procedures that we perform at The Manse. The muscle relaxing injection is used in the masseter muscle , which slims the jawline.

Before and after jawline slimming
Before and after jawline slimming

  What are your #jawlinegoals ?

If you have any enquiries please email us at or call us on (02) 9331 5005 or book online

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