I’m doing a blogging course at the moment and I need to come up with a good tagline that describes my blog.

At the moment, it is:

“An Insider’s Guide to Cosmetic Medicine and Beauty”

which is fine.

It used to be:

“Beauty is the Promise of Happiness”

BUT I want it to be better.


A few important things that should help me write my tagline are:

The reason I write the blog:

You all know it’s to improve the information out there, to share the cosmetic and beauty secrets  that everyone else is scared to.

My real aim is to help everyone get as beautiful and as happy as possible. And I want them to do it safely and efficiently.


Who is the blog for:

You guys know exactly who you are.

Beauty achievers represent!


What is the content:

I love real patient stories, I love giving the facts about all of the procedures, from the good to the ugly, interviews with experts etc

I love readers getting to know some patients and our team through images and interviews etc. Some readers come for the hotties alone, and I really want to expand on that aspect in the future.


I Need Help, Readers!

If anyone has any ideas about a good tagline, I want it maybe saying something about cosmetic doctor, secrets, beauty achievers etc.

I will give a skincare prize to the reader who comments here with the best tagline (winner to pick up from clinic)


4 thoughts on “HELP, READERS!

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