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Snapchat is my new favourite social media. It just seems so real compared to all of the others. It has really captured my imagination. I’m trying to get more of my friends into it, but so many are hesitant.

I’ve been so lazy with blogging, but much less so with social media, so come and join me there for a change. I’m going to go hard on the blogging again soon, so just be patient on that one!

On the other social media types (Insta and Facebook), I mostly focus on work-related things. but on Snapchat, I’m sharing work stuff of course, but also a lot more personal and behind the scenes content. So if you don’t want to see my friends, family and kids, please don’t follow me on Snapchat.

Whatever interests you, please choose that form:)

Before, I never understood making content that only lasts 24 hours, but that is the beauty of it, and what makes it valuable. It’s so temporary….


Come and join Dr Naomi on Snapcha

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