Eye Rejuvenation 2019

Eye Rejuvenation: Top Trends for 2019

Best eye rejuvenation treatments 2019
Best eye rejuvenation treatments 2019

The Manse Staff Top Picks

Are you happy with your eyes? Or are you getting frustrated by people asking if you’re tired or sick all the time when you’re not? Are you developing fine lines, crepey skin, eye bags, dark circles, discolouration, sun damage or hollowness? We can help.

I’ve interviewed our staff who will each share what they consider the best treatments for restoring the youthful and beautiful appearance of the eyes.

Yvette: Tear trough fillers

Yvette likes tear trough fillers for eye rejuvenation

Yvette is a big fan of tear trough fillers. She likes them because she gets sick of being told she looks tired, and she can notice an immediate refreshed look for the hollowing and under eye bags straight after the procedure.

Dr Adina: Platelet Rich Plasma

Dr Adina love PRP for Eye rejuvenation

Dr Adina likes Platelet Rich Plasma for the skin texture improvement, and removing fine lines and contour issues.

Rima: Skinboosters

Rima loves skinbooster for under eye rejuvenation

Rima likes Skinboosters because they’re hydrating, and plump up the under eye skin, and are very natural looking

Agata: Laser for eye skin discolouration

Agata like Laser for blue veins for eye skin rejuvenation

Agata likes laser for blue vein removal, because it improves the discolouration of the eye skin leaving the skin looking brighter. We are hoping to perform this treatment on Agata this week and create some videos of this magic:)

John: PRP plus skinbooster with Beauty Gun

John loves a combination or PRP and skinbooster using the beauty gun for precise placement with regards to skin depth

John likes “Cellular matrix”, or at least The Manse version of it (while we wait for approval of the much anticipated product). It is a combination of PRP and skinbooster. Please see a before and after image where we performed this treatment below in this email.

Dr Naomi: Browlift and antiwrinkle injections

Dr Naomi likes antiwrinkle injections and brow lift

Dr Naomi likes some good old-fashioned  orbicularis occuli muscle relaxant antiwrinkle injection for brow lift and crows feet removal. She also likes dermal filler for the upper eyelids 

Laser-wise, she likes RF microneedling

Alex: Non ablative fractional laser

Alex love non-ablative fractional laser for her under eyes

Alex (and all the therapists) love the non-ablative fractional laser for the under eye area. This is her favourite treatment and device for improving under eye skin.

Dr Jing: Troughbooster

Dr Jing loves troughbooster
  • Dr Jing likes troughbooster for immediate hydration and increased skin collagen.

Dr Elsa: PRP

Dr Elsa, syringe-hands, love PRP

Dr Elsa likes PRP because ” The lower eyelid skin is the thinnest skin in our bodies with the least amount of collagen, PRP addresses this and other issues”

Dr Toshi: Mesoskinboosters

Dr Tauseef Zia
Dr Toshi: Loves Mesoskinboosters for eye rejuvenation

Dr Toshi likes Meso skinboosters because “they deliver hydration and subtle plumping along with collagen stimulation effects”

Dr Steve: Threadlift for Brows and ablative laser

Dr Steve Crimston Loves ablative laser for eye rejuvenation, and threads for browlifting

Dr Steve likes a browlift using Silhouette threads for a better eye and brow contour. He also loves ablative fractional laser and full field resurfacing for max skin improvement.

We hope this inside information on eye rejuvenation is helpful to you. Please call 93315005 to make an appointment.

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