Dr Naomi, featured in The Daily Mail UK

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Dr Naomi was reviewed in The Daily Mail, as Sydney cosmetic patient’s “Dollmaker” injecting dermal filler into the lips  and cheeks of Sydney’s most beautiful girls.

Dr Naomi says that Kylie Jenner is an important factor in the popularity of 20 somethings getting their lips injected.

As is the way of media, they did get a few things wrong eg Dr Naomi is not a cosmetic surgeon, ie she does not perform any surgical procedures, she performs non-surgical cosmetic treatments like injectables only 🙂

See the original article in Daily Mail UK

Sydney’s cosmetic surgeon Naomi McCullum (pictured right with patient Rita Abdou)

Dr Naomi sees uo to 24 patients a day for injections, and of those treatments, 10 include lips

The sydney make-up artist has been sharing her impressive transformation on Instagram

Patient Sibel Kanli has undergone a lip injection and jaw slimming at the clinic

Lip fillers

Quinn, known on Instagram as uniiiversal_angel, went under the needle to get the perfect lips

Before and after: Kylie Jenner previously admitted she had lip fillers since the age of 17

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