Dermal Filler to Improve Jowls, Jawline and Sag in Lower Face

Before and after 4mls dermal filler in lower face for jowls and sag
Before and after dermal filler and muscle relaxing injections in lower face for sagging jowls and downturned mouth
Dermal filler used for anti-ageing of the lip and surrounding areas
Before and after dermal filler and anti wrinkle injections lower face 4mls for jawline
Before and after 4mls dermal filler and anti wrinkle injections in lower face for jawline improvement

The before and after images above show how important it is to treat the lower face and jawline, when trying to manage the ageing of the neck

Please see my previous post on dermal filler for sag and jowls.

The patient in this post was reasonably well treated in her mid face and upper face, but her lower face was collapsing, her

* Jowls were worsening

* Mouth corners were drooping

* Lips were ageing

* Jawline was ageing

* Marionettes were deepening

* Chin wrinkles were increasing in size and number

* Chin not enough projection or length

So I injected dermal filler in her lower face only, to work on all of these issues above. We injected 4 mL of dermal filler to the above areas and also the angle of the mandible and the post jowl area. We also injected muscle relaxant into her DAO muscle (depressor angel oris) which is a muscle which pulls the mouth down at the corners.

Muscle relaxant was also injected into her chin for 2 reasons. The first is that it was bobbly, which improved. the second reason was because the patient had an overly strong mentalis muscle in her chin, which pulled her chin up, making her chin appear more old and her jawline less pretty. This treatment worked beautifully in conjunction with the dermal filler injected into her jawline and chin area.

We are really happy with the results. At the time of treatment, I wanted to put a little in the nasolabial folds, but we decided to use all the product in the lower face, but when it came time for the review, the nasolabials stood out more, because the lower face had improved so much. I think, if someone was asked about the change in these before and after images, they would have to say that the patient looked more happy and healthy.

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