Polo Madness 2015

#DollsOfDrNaomi really represented this year at our marquee at Polo in the City. All of the Dolls were out and they...

#DollsOfDrNaomi July 2015

I love my dolls. They are the prettiest. Noone has better dolls than me:)

#DollsofDrNaomi April 2015

This months Dolls are fit and youthful!!! You all look amazing:)

#DollsofDrNaomi early April 2015

Look at my perfect dolls. Thankyou for being your fabulous selves!

Beauty Event Snaps

Here are the first of our beauty event snaps

#DollsOfDrNaomi Feb 2015

I love my dolls, mine are the prettiest dolls in Sydney:) They never fail to disappoint xxx

Bag and Shoe Hottie Encore

OMG, I can't get enough of these bag and shoe posts. My dolls are ridiculous. How heavenly can they be?

#DollsOfDrNaomi Jan 2015

Happy New Year to my beautiful dolls. I love you and thankyou again for bringing so much pleasure to my life and to...

Polo Love: Our Marquee’s Ode to the Maestro, Karl Lagerfeld

Does EVERYONE in our marquee share a love and obsession for Chanel? Who doesn't enjoy giving their money to Karl? He...

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