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Dermal Filler Aftercare


Dermal Filler Aftercare It is important to follow instructions about dermal...

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Dermal Fillers and Blindness


Interview with an expert, Assoc. Prof Greg Goodman I’m really excited to have...

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Dermal filler rhinoplasties are very popular at our Sydney Clinic. Our doctors...

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Penis Enlargement FAQs


Our Sydney clinic is now offering the Masculane procedure, which is...

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Dr Naomi Doll, Jaz, on First Dates Australia


Lots of love to Jaz, our beautiful doll appearing on First Dates, Australia! We...

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Lip Fillers for Kasey Rayton MUA YouTuber Sept...


Thanks Kasey, for trusting your face to us. I must write a blog post about your...

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Professional Babe, Blogger August 2017


Thank you, Professional Babe, AKA Peta Serras, for trusting The Manse Clinic...

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Lip fillers for DJ Amy-Jane Brand Aug 2017


Loving our latest lips that we created for DJ and Instagrammer, Amy-Jane Brand,...

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Dr Naomi, featured in The Daily Mail UK


Dr Naomi was reviewed in The Daily Mail, as Sydney cosmetic patient’s...

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Cheek, chin and lip filler for MUA Kasey...


Cheek chin and lip fillers can be injected with  very natural results. Please...

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Patients put their beauty in our hands


It is a big decision that a patient makes choosing their cosmetic doctor and...

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Dolls on TV: Positively Plastic


The #dollsofdrnaomi had their 15 minutes of fame tonight on SBS “The...

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Pre Wedding Cosmetic Prep


Wedding injectable preparations need to be addressed in a very scientific...

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Dermal Filler To Lift Asian Nose Bridge


Dermal filler to lift the asian nose bridge is a very popular treatment in my...

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Dermal Filler to Improve Asian Chin


Dermal Filler to Chin for an Asian face The chin, along with the nose, the...

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Dermal Filler for Jawline


Dermal filler can be used in the jawline to create a more angular, square and...

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Lipspiration: I Love My Patients


I love my patients so much! I had one who came in today, and like many other...

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Dermal Filler in Lips Variety of Results


Dermal filler in lips is one of the most popular treatments in our clinic....

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Dermal Filler Chin


Dermal filler injections for the chin, is a popular treatment at our Sydney...

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Dermal Filler Lips Natural Looking


Dermal Filler Lips for a Natural Look We specialise in keeping results looking...

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