Calf Slimming injections

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After calf slimming injections

Calf slimming injections are growing in popularity. Many patients hate their large and muscley calves/ They don’t like the appearance of a thicker lower leg. They can’t fit in boots, and feel that their legs just don’t look slim enough. With injections of a muscle relaxant, the calves will slim down.


Calf slimming case study

This gorgeous patient had an important photo shoot coming up and wanted to look her best. In my humble opinion, I thought that her legs were perfection with that beautiful athletic look.

BUT, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this patient really wanted to get a thinner calf to create a more skinny and streamlined leg, and the illusion of longer legs.

We performed 2 treatments of calf reducing injections, 8 weeks apart.

She went into her photo shoot happy, confident, and with the exact look that she wanted for her legs



Calf reducing injections using muscle relaxing injections



Minimal, numbing cream and happy gas was used



Starting at $1490 per treatment


Treatment time

15 minutes



For best results, do 2 treatments, 8 weeks apart (only perform 2nd treatment if the patient wants even thinner, some may be satisfied by 1 treatment). Then maintenance is 3 times per year.


The Photo Shoot

Beautiful slim calves

Perfect calf slimming results

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