Browlifting injections FAQ

Author: Dr Naomi / 7 Sep 2015
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Before and after browlift injections

Before and after browlift injections

Browlifting Injections FAQ

Browlifting is one of the most popular injectable treatments at our Sydney clinic. Here are the most frequently asked questions.

Who is suitable for injectable brow lifting?

Most people are suitable for injectable brow lifting, it’s probably better to ask “who isn’t suitable”

Who isn’t suitable for injectable browlifting?

  • Those with weak or inactive frontal is muscles, the ones in the forehead which lift the eyebrows (it won’t work very well)
  • Those whose eyebrows are way too low i.e. v close to the orbital rim (the reason is that these patients will have an increased risk of eyelid droop
  • Those whose orbicularis oculi  muscles don’t pull down the lateral brow significantly (the treatment won’t work very well)
  • Those with too high brows naturally (aesthetically this won’t work and it may make them look older)

How much can eyebrows be lifted with injections?

Eyebrows may be lifted approx 1-2mm. Don’t underestimate the significance of this small change

Is the treatment painful?

The needles are very fine and the treatment is minimally painful and very quick

How can the injector maximise results?

With large enough dosage and correct placement

At what age should I start using injections for browlifting?

As an adult and whenever the brows will look better lifted.

Are there people who it doesn’t work on?

In general, those who don’t pull down the eyebrows may have more difficulty getting a result. Also I have seen a case where a patient had a non-functioning frontal is muscle. In this patient, I was unable to get a browlifting result.

What is the cost?

The cost is a minimum of about $380, but can be up to $630 if all possible areas are treated

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