Injector’s Favourite Injectables

The Manse team

Cosmetic Injectors’ Favourite Injections

Here we’re going to share with you The Manse Clinic staffs’ most popular injectable treatments to perform.

Nurse John

John oves the lowest risk treatments, including muscle relaxants, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and skinbooster. He really wanted to add IPL and microlaser peels to his favourites, even though they’re not injectables!

Eye wrinkle prevention

John loves working on the eye area. He loves the slow and precise work required for eye area PRP, skinbooster and muscle relaxants. Above image is before and after muscle relaxants for eye wrinkle prevention

Eye wrinkle prevention injections
Before and after eye wrinkle treatment

Dr Jing

Dr Jing has a great expertise in injecting for the Asian face. She loves nose bridge filling, forehead dermal fillers, and injectable jawline reconstruction including chin fillers.

Asian Face Injectables

The Asian face requires a completely different approach with wrinkle injections and dermal fillers compared to the caucasian face. In this example below, the patient has had antiwrinkle injections for frown and brow lift, forehead filler, nose filler, lip filler, front cheek fillers, nasolabial  fold fillers chin fillers and jaw slimming (aka face slimming)

Injectables for the asian face
Injectables for the asian face

Dr Nico

Dr Nico believes the midface and cheeks is where to start on a face. A face just really needs that great shape as a baseline.

Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers that are perfectly blended into the tear trough area are our current fave area to perform injections.
The outer edge of the tear troughs is an under treated area that is very ageing, but not if our doctors have anything to do with it 🙂

After cheek fillers by The Manse
After cheek and lip fillers by The Manse


Dr Steve

Dr Steve is “Loving noses at the moment. Deep proximal nasolabial folds and jawline! Cheeks and lips are a constant favourite….. And “Of course the penis.”

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers is of course the classic fave of all of The Manse Clinic doctors, of course. but it’s Dr Steve and Dr Elsa claiming it this month 🙂 The lips in this image are immediately after injection by Dr Elsa with cannula so you can see the 2 small entry points in the skin at the sides of the lips. Please review our  lip before and afters

Dr Elsa

Dr  Elsa is know as the “Lip Magiker” ! She also loves face design, tear troughs, noses and jaw fillers. No detail is too small. With Dr Elsa’s special interest in gynaecology, she loves procedures which involve improvement in genital aesthetics and function, including vulval rejuvenation and PRP for the Oshot.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is in the list of favourite procedures of Dr Elsa and Dr Steve, who love creating all of the most aesthetically pleasing angles and proportions.
It should be noted that this is one of the riskiest areas for injecting dermal fillers.
Please see our before and after nose fillers

Before and after nose, cheek and chin fillers
Before and after nose, cheek and chin fillers


Dr Naomi

Dr Naomi loves performing masseter slimming, and loves face design, but in particular lower third of the face improvement.

Jawline Makeovers

Jawline makeovers are Dr Naomi’s favourite area of design (as she no longer injects). She loves everything in the jawline to be perfectly proportioned and angled from the angle of the mandible to the chindown to the neck and up to the cheeks.

Before and after chin fillers and jaw slimming injections
Before and after chin fillers and jaw slimming injections

What are your goals?
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Dr Toshi

Dr Toshi loves lips and face design. He understands the importance of everything working together for a pleasing, natural outcome.

Please see Dr Toshi’s case below where he has worked on multiple areas for @amyjanebrand

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