Dr Naomi's Dolls on Social Media Part 2

My dolls always delight, whether it be in person, or by text or on social media. Here is some of their stories.

Dr Naomi's Dolls on Social Media Part 1

Love my dolls so much they constantly entertain me, with their reviews, their social media messages, their snaps. I...

Pre Wedding Cosmetic Prep

Bridezillas are common in a cosmetic clinic. Here is a case study of one who needed to be more gorgeous than she had ever been, but for her injectables to be super natural.

Dermal Filler To Lift Asian Nose Bridge

Dermal filler to lift the asian nose bridge is a very popular...

#DollsOfDrNaomi April 2016

Autumn dolls are coming! This months dolls are full of fun. We...

#DollsOfDrNaomi March (2) 2016

Loving my Autumn dolls. We have a perfect Chanel Barbie, Bellissimo Doll, and Hipster Doll! I'm so lucky to get to...

Dermal Filler to Improve Asian Chin

Dermal filler in the chin is a popular treatment, particularly for Asian patients. In this case we injected nearly 3...

Lipspiration: I Love My Patients

I love my dolls so much, they kill me! This one today is the absolute best. I wish I had 5000 of her!

Laser for Pigment on Face

This patient had pigmentation on her face which we treated with several devices including laser and IPL. She also...

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