It's Time To Invest in Your Skin

I am guilty of not investing the time into my skin. I should be taking 30 minutes every 1-4 weeks of my life, to...

Dermal Filler Lips Natural Looking

Dermal filler lips natural looking at our sydney clinic: We specialise in keeping results looking subtle for those...

Dermal Filler Chin

Dermal Filler Chin is the best treatment to make your profile look perfect for those whose chin in too short or not projected enough, sometimes known as  "weak chin"....

Sunday Smoothies

I want mine as smooth as is humanly possible, thanks

Treatment for Bruxism

Bruxism is excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Our clinic...

#DollsOfDrNaomi Feb 2016

Love my dolls, this month they are as pretty as can be. What an awesome job I have keeping the beautiful beautiful!

#DollsOfDrNaomi Jan 2016

You'll see some of my favourites here! Dr Asia, Louis Vuitton Donnette, and Bikini Barbie... #Lovemydolls  

Melasma Pigmentation Treatment

Melasma is a difficult skin condition to treat. It can be very resistant. At our clinic we have a melasma program...

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